The Radiance of an Enchanting Evening: "Heirlooms of Elegance"
Unveiled at Bang Pa-In Palace

Witness the world of opulence as SIRIVANNAVARI and Beauty Gems proudly presented the grandeur of “Heirlooms of Elegance” during an exclusive High Jewelry launch event at Bang Pa-In Palace on the night of December 8, 2023. The gala dinner, held at the illustrious Utthayan Bhumi Sathira Pavilion, marked an unforgettable occasion, attended by over 150 distinguished VVIP guests. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Bang Pa-In Palace, the event unfolded with a sunset cocktail reception, welcoming guests with the soothing melodies of a string quartet, creating an ambiance by the palace pond and allowing them to immerse themselves in the timeless grandeur and beauty of the summer palace—a symbol of love since the era of King Rama V.

A mesmerizing fashion showcase during the gala dinner featured renowned models adorned in ethereal beige-colored dresses designed by SIRIVANNAVARI, accompanied by live music from the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. Guests were captivated by the allure of 41 exquisite jewelry pieces, showcased with finesse during the fashion show. Each piece represents a testament to the exceptional design by Creative Director HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana and the unparalleled skillful craftsmanship of Beauty Gems. These masterpieces left an indelible impression on the esteemed guests, who had the privilege of witnessing the beauty of “Heirlooms of Elegance” up close and personal.


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