In the rhythm of the ever-renewing fashion seasons, the convergence of past and present opens opportunities for HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya, the creative director, and founder of the SIRIVANNAVARI brand, to explore the interaction and correlation between the body, sensual form, and the conviction that the art of couture has a mission to help women appreciate and feel confident in expressing their uniqueness freely.
For SIRIVANNAVARI Autumn/Winter 2024-2025, HRH Princess Sirivannavari draws inspiration from the boldness of cubism art and the intricate draping techniques, embodying the modern glamour of the 1950s to 1960s spirit. This collection serves as a tribute to the craftsmanship of fabric manipulation, where feminine and masculine elements merge seamlessly in her signature designs. To modernize the dramatic, sculptural shapes, the designer experiments with gathered and organic forms using the fabric’s crisp body and light sheen to breathe life into a new, fluid, and smooth silhouette. The collection is born of the contrast between voluminous and elongated shapes with curved and graphically sharp lines to empower the wearer’s body with a flood of fabric movement reflecting multifaceted femininity. Additionally, she infuses elements of Thai culture through intricate floral embroidery, adding a touch of sophistication and artistic abstraction to her creations.
“In the pursuit of making dresses adapted to the wearer’s body like WOMAN IN ART, during my systematic research, I rediscovered the art and means of draping, realizing the symbiosis of practicality and poetry, of pragmatism and luxury, of the theatricality of the runway with the utility of ready-to-wear. This is the idea of the collection, the woman who lives two lives, working and alluring,”
HRH Princess Sirivannavari recalled the starting point in the development of the collection.
To sublimate the collection, once again, the craftsmanship of the Sirivannavari atelier illustrates its virtuoso artisanship in embroideries in which Princess’ artworks frame the floral decorative motifs that come forth in a kaleidoscope of Thai flowers such as Siamese melodorum, ylang-ylang, cape gardenia, cork tree flower, and champaca to punctuate the creations. Expressions of savoir-faire, these irresistible vinyl appliqué 3D flowers adorned with paillettes, beads, crystals, and other sparkles dare a fascinating interplay of reliefs and are handcrafted as the ultimate symbol of refinement.
Embracing timeless elegance with a modern twist, the collection reimagines traditional draping techniques with contemporary flair. From radiant sunburst patterns to cascading folds, each garment is meticulously crafted to accentuate the female form, using luxurious materials such as leather, wool, satin, and denim in complementary shades of burgundy, grey, black, and blue.
To reflect the voluminous shapes in pants, leather jackets, and sleeves incorporating Thai cultural elements including stand collars and wrap-around necklines, the ready-to-wear line also recalls the inspiring style of the 1950s, giving the emblematic IRIS Jackets paired with pencil skirts and pants to showcase the designer’s hand-drawn illustrations. Finest materials such as leather, wool, satin, and denim are carefully crafted to highlight the female form regally with meticulous details emphasizing sinuous curves and graphic lines.
As a final touch of WOMAN IN ART, the boldly designed bijoux collection inspired by the Cubism art movement is destined to be the object of desire. Among necklaces, bracelets, and rings, the gold setting is adorned with white ceramic in distorted shapes of fragmented face parts. Destined to be the irresistible companion, the new timeless structured silhouette leather bags are embellished with graphic refined golden clasps. Available in the star shades of the collection, the two formats, Tube-Bucket with an adjustable leather strap and Satchel-Saddle with wristwatch-style metal chain, promise to complement any outfit on any occasion, giving free rein to be carried by hand or on the shoulder.

Echoing the signature codes so dear to the designer, these accessories become a stage of inventiveness allowing multiple facets of their extraordinary plurality to be developed, so many emblems that complement each other as a genealogy defined by different heritages and fashion cultures.

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