Immerse in the splendor of SIRIVANNAVARI unveiling
the new boutique destination

February 10, 2024; Embrace the Fashion Week spirit with SIRIVANNAVARI. Relocated to a fresh space, the new boutique’s aesthetic fuses fashion with the brand’s distinctive artistic flair. It’s an immersive experience inviting all fashion aficionado to discover wardrobe essentials and revel in end-of-season sale’s special offers. The boutique has welcomed visitors with a minimalist wall design in soothing natural hues, drawing inspiration from elegant travertine marble. This serene backdrop sets the stage for SIRIVANNAVARI’s the latest collection, showcasing Ready-to-Wear and Made-to-Order ensembles, alongside a curated selection of accessories, bags, and footwear from the main and capsule collections. Adorning the boutique’s interior are curtains crafted from Doi Tung’s natural fibers, an artistic statement in themselves. These hang above a plush, white-toned sofa, nestled in a welcome area furnished with a woven carpet, together creating a space that feels like an art installation.


In a vibrant fashion world and shifting trends, SIRIVANNAVARI stands out with its unwavering identity. The brand harmoniously blends modernity with classic elegance. A commitment to sustainability resonates through every facet of their creative process, from the materials selected for their clothing to eco-friendly décor of their new boutique.


Explore the latest collections and exclusive deals at SIRIVANNAVARI’s new boutique destination on the 1st floor, North Zone, at Siam Paragon.

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