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“Mythos Poética”

A five-episode Poem composed by H.R.H Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya, the inspiration of SIRIVANNAVARI BANGKOK Spring-Summer 2020 collection.

The Poem has been turning to Song, performed by Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and relayed into Fashion Advertising Film, that was directed and composed by Her Royal Highness to celebrate our 15th years anniversary 

I “Reclamation”




II “Mythos”

“She dazzled like a million stars.

More beautiful in the light of the shaped moon

Glorious danced around her,

And the win whispering aside;

On the paths strewn with wistfulness,

She shined brightly

His hands implored the sky

At the time that hung.

A flash of conscious reminds; whereas Thou beauty was iconic,

More ever beautiful than divine;

Beyond reality, Her eyes, as blue as a big deep ocean,

Her peachy lips and her ivory white hands were a gift given from GOD.

As such, peacefully mind, find for me my share of new-presented gifts,

III “Love”

“Behold, thou a master piece of this pursuit is all that yet to be;

“Thou will always be my soul, and I shall be thee.”

Pull out thy love and let it be free,

Open they eyes and behold on me.

My longing, do need nothing, but thee.

Love as equal love, shall be true.

Unless loving the unlovable caused such a great pain.”

IV “Poética”

“All shall come in to the trembling moment full of love.

Where love lasts forever and shall prevail eternally

Completed and fulfilled,

He walked away from his eternal love

No greed indeed;

No need to contain

Present within present, heartfelt and unforgotten;


V “Mythos Poética”

“Once upon a dream,

In the grim of the darkest night

Where silence and a senseless sound were heard

An unidentified space and time dazzled before him.

So enchanting and tempting,

A magical beauty he has never seen.

Immensely and entirely he fell in love.

His greed whispered “This splendid world shall be all mine and only mine”

In a spirit of a second,

So sudden and powerful,

He was pulled by an invisible hand back into time to the world of Mythos.

Overwhelmed and reconnected,

He relived the formation shall be reform awake toward to transformation;

Where beauty, offering sacred, bound, as their embodiment;

From kindled to its Eternal and Truth were born.

As formed in an object as such, due to and order of all;

Until revolution and rebellion awaken within consciousness.

A storm of feelings flooded endlessly and eternally.

At this very moment, infinite within finite.

He knew he was found.


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