Celebrating Valentine's Day with Thailand Post's charming stamp
depicting a blue Queen Sirikit Rose brooch

This Valentine’s Day, gift a token of your love with a stamp that displays a magnificent blue Queen Sirikit rose brooch from the distinguished “Heirlooms of Elegance” collection, a collaboration between SIRIVANNAVARI and BEAUTY GEMS, envisioned by the talented HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya. Thailand Post offers you to cherish a wonderful opportunity to own a piece of this extraordinary beauty immortalized as a beautiful stamp crafted with a silkscreen printing process using inks and glitter finish. It resembles an actual high jewelry piece, encapsulating a memorable story destined to sparkle eternally owing to its gradient blue sapphire hues. At its core, a meticulously sculpted heart-shaped sapphire takes center stage, framed by the lustrous sparkle of surrounding diamonds and verdant emeralds.

The Creative Director of SIRIVANNAVARI drew inspiration for this splendid piece from a memorable moment in the life of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother, during her time at the Bhubing Rajanives Palace in Chiang Mai Province. Citizens presented Her Majesty with the Queen Sirikit Roses named in her honor, featuring yellow blossoms with light orange petal tips. These beautiful roses were then artfully dyed blue as a token of homage. Upon witnessing a rose transformed into a beautiful blue hue for the first time, Her Majesty was delighted. This momentous occasion inspired the name “Rosa Bhubing Love at First Sight Gradient Brooch,” melding these fond memories of that day.

Available at post offices throughout Bangkok and provincial locations, or online via the Thailand Post application or www.thailandpostmart.com.

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