A playful party to launch S’Denim Capsule Collection

January 18, 2024; SIRIVANNAVARI welcomed style enthusiasts to the unveiling of their S’Denim Capsule Collection, a remarkable event marking the new year with imaginative fashion. Hosted at the Siam Paragon boutique, it attracted media and influencers alike. Distinguished guests including Jaonaay – Jinjett Wattanasin and Mew – Nittha Khuhapremkit, showcasing their distinctive denim ensembles. DJ Praewa Jiraprawat Na Ayutthaya from Yellow Fang brought the stylish tune with her vibrant DJ setlists. This gathering offered a perfect opportunity for fashion aficionados to discover and select the looks suitable for their unique aesthetic. The latest S’Denim Capsule Collection is a fusion of SIRIVANNAVARI’s signatures and artistic expression, crafted with meticulous details synonymous with Made in Italy excellence. It caters to both women and men, offering pieces that ensure striking looks throughout the day. A highlight from the range is dark blue denim jacket, adorned with the distinctive ‘S’ emblem of the brand. This contemporary design is achieved through use of laser to create a bleaching effect and intricate pattern. The collection also showcases exquisite handmade tie-dye pieces in hues of blue and white, each resembling a unique piece of art with its own distinctive pattern. A special touch for this year is an inclusion of white, aligning with fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2024.

Design philosophy has resulted in corset jackets and dresses for women, epitomizing femininity and elegance. Additionally, it features cropped jackets that exude a subtle allure, pairing with low-waisted jeans for a harmonious blend of sensuality and style. Moreover, the collection includes essential pieces versatile for personal styling, featuring shirts for both men and women adorned with SR logo. Unisex t-shirts, crafted from cotton fabric, elevate casual wear with a careful punch needle embroidery technique. The collection is rounded off with a playful take on accessories, where the silhouette of a shirt is ingeniously transformed into a large tote bag. For those preferring a more compact option, there’s also a small tote bag. Both are complete with an adjustable strap for functional styling throughout the day. Beyond aligning with contemporary fashion trends, S’Denim collection is also committed to eco-friendliness. The artisanal production process involves a denim supplier renowned for its craftsmanship and adherence to high standards. This approach ensures that while the collection adds excitement to dressing up, it simultaneously contributes to the love of our planet.




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